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I still cannot get over how perfect everything was on the day of a pageant.

My glam crew (Hairday LA) dolled me up perfectly and my traditional costume designer was at the backstage making sure every ornaments are perfect and stable.


And of course, more than one hundred friends and family of mine were there to cheer for me.

I already felt like a winner having you guys there.

I love you all 🙂


And my pageant mom, the fabulous Miss Virgelia!

I look up to her elegance and ambition very much!


Loved sharing this miraculous moment with my sister queens.

They are all perfect inside and outside.

TL6A9851 TL6A9848

I will be reigning as Miss Asia USA until this November.

I hope all the delegates for this year’s pageant are working hard!

It surely will be an exciting, emotional and unforgettable journey.



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