Van Gogh museum! I’m finally here!


Since Van Gogh is known to be mentally troubled when he was painting few of his famous artworks, I decided to get a little intoxicated to understand the meaning of his arts from different perspective.

(Just kidding, I just wanted to drink)


There were SO many tourists at the museum and it was ridiculous!


Honestly, not too impressed.

Anne Frank’s museum was so much cooler! But you are not allowed to take pictures there so I don’t have any proofs how cool it was… but, trust me! Go to Anne Frank if you have to choose one museum!




It was raining again.

DSC08379 DSC08381

A day or two of raining could be considered romantic, but if its like this everyday… I might get a serious depression.

DSC08383 DSC08388

Cause I’m a shameless tourist.

DSC08392 DSC08393

Back to the red light district!


Apparently this is the most famous “coffee shop” in Amsterdam.


Beautiful! isn’t it?


Checking out the museum of prostitution located in the red light district.

DSC08397 DSC08398 DSC08399 DSC08400

Prostitution is legalized in Amsterdam which means the ladies are cared by the government.

Does that make them government employees? I’m confused.




Prostitution is one of the most debated practice all over the world for many, many, many years.

What’s your thought on this?


Honestly, I do not have any respect for these ladies although they try to come up with fancy titles to call themselves as “sex therapist” or whatsoever.

I humbly think there are always many other ways of making money instead of selling your dignity, virtue, and body for quick and easy money.

Being at the red light district made me think a lot since I just read an article about this porn star who goes to Duke or something.. and she was claiming that no one should judge her based on her occupation. But, why would you waste your brain and time on being a sex worker when a good corporate job is almost guaranteed upon graduating from one of the ivy schools? And how are you going to get a decent job when you worked as a porn star?

Anyways, that’s just my thought.


Fries with lots and lots of ketchup and mayo.

DSC08412 DSC08414

Another not too impressive western style dinner.



Pretty fun take-out Chinese restaurant.


It was my first time trying this and I became obsessed right away!

DSC08427 DSC08428

Couldn’t take the greasy food anymore so we found this Pho restaurant and it was AAAAMMMMMAZING!

DSC08430 DSC08432

More noms before catching the train to go to Paris!

DSC08433 DSC08434 DSC08435 DSC08436 DSC08439

Amsterdam was beautiful, fun, liberal, and simply uplifting!

But, I can tolerate this city so much and now its time to move on to Paris!



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