I finished my first year in law school and I’m currently working as a legal intern!

I’m emotionally and physically drained, but I’ll try my best to be more consistent with my blog 🙂

Amsterdam definitely is my top travel destination when I’m visiting Europe.

I love the relaxing vibe of this whimsical city.

I’m a forgetful person so it’s hard for me to remember what I did in Amsterdam 10 months ago, but I clearly was so upset by not getting any Asian food in Estonia for a week.. So, when I landed in Amsterdam, I was determined to go STRAIGHT to my beloved Chinatown and started devouring my Chinese dishes.

Amsterdam is picture perfect everywhere. Don’t you agree?

I don’t mind occasional Italian food.

I HAD to have my daily dose of moet and this super cute champagne bar had tons and tons of them. I was a happy girl!

um. NO?

Another beautiful morning in Amsterdam.

I wanted to visit Van Gogh museum again, but the line was impossibly long.

I actually found this Asian mall 40 minutes away from the city center. I’m very passionate and determined when it comes to food.

AND! I found this amazing Vietnamese restaurant. I could eat bun bo hue everyday! so yummy.


Visiting the famous flower market district. I wanted to bring back the Dutch Tulips so badly 🙁

Red naomi.

I can’t recall much since it’s been a long time since I was in Amsterdam. However, I’m currently on my traveller’s mode and will share more of my recent adventures in many different countries!

Xoxo, Eriko









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