This time in China, I stayed in Wuxi for about a week and spent another week in Shanghai.

I love Chinese food with all my heart so I became pretty chubby by the end of my stay in China.

We arrived in Wuxi around midnight and I was starving.

The local promoter took me to this small noodle shop that opens 24 hours. It surely was not the most hygienic restaurant, but their signature handmade noodle was pretty delicious.

Xiao long bao was pretty good too.

I stayed at Hilton, Shanghai for about a week this time. I redeemed my travel points that I have been saving up so I almost got 80% off of the total amount!

I had dinner at this delicious Chinese restaurant. The one thing I hate about traveling in China is that my Visa and Amex credit cards are usually not accepted unless I dine or shop at fancy, foreigner-friendly places. I had to ask three different restaurants located inside of this department store to make sure they take foreign cards. After being rejected three times, I finally found this restaurant that takes foreign visa credit card.

So delicious 🙂

I was craving for Japanese and found this cute Ramen place by the hotel.

Apparently League of Legends is also very famous in China. It was good to see my top champion representing Sprite 🙂

They are edible ice popsicles.. so crazy

Stopped by at Alienware store in Shanghai!!! My dream is to have my private gaming room at my own house.

Love Shanghai.

I’m never going to be tired of this view. I miss my summer nights by the river.

Time to have another amazing Japanese meal.

Grilled shisamo and kimchi nabe.

Gloomy Sunday afternoon in Shanghai..

I love this snack! Sugar glazed fruits? how do I call this and where can I get this in LA/OC?

Forgot the name of this restaurant but they are very famous for the giant juice xiao long bao? (sorry I just made up the name.)

Baskin Robbins’s fondue ice cream? It was delicious.

Many of you may know my obsession with MonChhichi.

I’m a nerd and its almost disgusting.

Adventure time! I love my beemo


I was going to get few stuffs from here, but again, my “foreign credit card” was not accepted here.

A 2ft virgin mojito. It was fun to drink for sure.

Loving the city.

Traveling in China makes me feel alive and I can’t wait to be back soon.








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