Call me ignorant but honestly I haven’t heard of Estonia until this trip.

So, Estonia is a country in Northern Europe, borders the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland.

I was here for five days for Electronic Family Festival. I can’t recall much since there weren’t much to do here.. Estonia was pretty for sure, but I couldn’t enjoy the cuisine here and all I wanted was to leave to Amsterdam already to get my Asian food fix.

We found this cute restaurant by the venue. I was drunk and was craving for pho as hangover remedy but unfortunately, we couldn’t find a single Asian restaurant around this area.

They were pretty to look at but definitely not good enough to cure my hangover.

I finally found my Asian food after three days in Estonia. It wasn’t even an Asian restaurant, but they somehow served “Thai oriental soup”, which was good enough to fix my food depression.

I’m not a huge fan of desserts but then again, they are pretty to look at!

Walking around the “city” aimlessly hoping to find good Asian restaurant.

There was absolutely nothing to do.

I want to share more about my experience and tourist information of Estonia, but I honestly don’t remember too much about this trip since all I did was getting frustrated for not having good food. I have such a strong acquired taste which prevents me from trying out food from different cultures. Even when I’m in Europe, I would always try to find any types of Asian restaurants.

The crowd for music festival was very different here compared to America. It was much more organized here and the crowds were more mature and respectful. The venue was also located right by the ocean so it was nothing but happy vibes.

Estonia was pretty but it wasn’t too impressive for me. We left to Amsterdam after and I felt alive immediately when I landed at the airport. I was able to have my Asian food fix and had so much fun in Amsterdam for the next ten days.

I’ll come back to share my stories in Amsterdam tomorrow!



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