Good morning everyone!

Visiting India honestly is my dream come true.

During the senior year in College, I was seriously considering doing study abroad program in India since I love the culture and cuisine.

However, somehow I was too scared to spend a month in India so I decided not to go.

……..and it’s been one of my biggest regrets of my life.


This time, I finally had a reason to go to India due to my boyfriend’s work! yay!

DSC05435 DSC05436 DSC05437

First meal in India was at the Mumbai airport.

Mumbai airport was actually super nice and ginormous.


…and it was crowded for sure.


Finally landed in Goa and it took us about an hour to get to the resort from the airport.

The Indian promoter told us that this is the nicest resort in Goa, but I forgot the name! ugh

It was beautiful and their hospitality was very, very nice.


Since we only had a day and half in Goa, I was trying to make the most out of it before flying to New Delhi.


Beautiful ocean view from the pool area.

DSC05441 (1)

DSC05446 DSC05445

Christmas decoration at the lobby.


I really wish we had more time in this beautiful city to actually go on an epic adventure!


Compared to New Delhi, Goa was like a jungle.

It was very green, humid and oceans everywhere!


The promoters took us out at night and we learned how difficult it is to drive around Goa at night.

No lights, no signs… just pure dirt roads and a lot of stray dogs..

It was one scary experience but oh well… at least I got some heroic stories to tell people later haha


Mango lassi at this resort was to die for.

All the mango lassis that I’ve tried in LA was nothing compared to this.


Fresh watermelon martini to start off the day right!



Oh buttermilk… you are so curiously satisfying.

DSC05466 DSC05467

Apparently, Goa is famous for their seafood.



Goa’s signature fish curry or something like that.

DSC05471 DSC05473

I just love Indian food!



DSC05478 DSC05479

DSC05454 DSC05455 DSC05457

Our little private villa inside of the resort.

This resort was actually really huge, so we had to request for transportation from the villa to the lobby.


One more glass of apple martini before heading out to the Goa airport.

DSC05481 DSC05480

Some airport noms while waiting for our flight to New Delhi! Yay!


They didn’t have mango lassi but this sweet lassi was just as good.

I love India!


Good bye Goa!

and Hello New Delhi!



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