Here I am!

One of my dream destinations – New Delhi, India.


We stayed in the hotel called The Lalit, New Delhi.

We also got to stay in the Kitty Su (a club located inside of a hotel) room since my boyfriend was Djing there on Saturday.



Apparently, Kitty Su is one of Top 100 clubs of the world.

DSC05492 DSC05493 DSC05495 DSC05497


Our very first meal in New Delhi didn’t disappoint us at all.

We went to the restaurant at the lobby and ended up going there for breakfast, lunch and dinner almost everyday for the next 4 days.

All the dishes they serve were very good!


DSC05501 DSC05502 DSC05503

Their breakfast buffet had about 50 selections and all of them were so amazingly delicious.


New Delhi was so cold and we didn’t have any winter clothes since we’ve been traveling summer countries only.

Since Goa was super hot, we expected New Delhi to be same, but guess what?

It was about 40-50 degrees and we couldn’t go out cause we had no clothes..


So, most of the time, we were stuck in the hotel and pigged out at the lobby restaurant.

Not complaining AT ALL.


Since Taj Mahal is about 4 hours drive from New Delhi, we decided to check out the India Gate only.

DSC05512 DSC05514

This amazingly delicious tea that we bought from a street vendor was so good.

It really warmed me up in this cold, cold weather.


I’m finally here at India gate. I can (almost) die happy.


Look at my ridiculous fashion style.

I had no winter clothes so I just threw on whatever that looked warm I had in my luggage.


I still can vividly remember how cold it was that night… I almost wanted to cry but I didn’t.

Why? cause I’m a big girl.

DSC05524 DSC05525

I seriously want to remember what this amazing snack is called, but I completely forgot!

It was soooooo soooo soooo sooo good and I still think about it.

Can anyone find out what it is for me?


India gate was beautiful and ginormous.

And it was interesting to see how there were many armed soldiers surrounding the gate to prevent direct public access to the gate.

DSC05528 DSC05530

The boyfriend asked the promoter about the best restaurant in New Delhi and here we are!


Omg.. looks mad simple and whatever but this hits the spot every time.

DSC05533 DSC05534 DSC05536

The best Indian dinner I’ve ever had. period.


A night out in New Delhi on Tuesday night.

I forgot but the locals call this street as the most “happening” street in New Delhi.


One of our new friends who showed us around the town.



Okay, more food at the lobby restaurant.

I love Indian food so much!



DSC05547 DSC05549 DSC05550 DSC05553 DSC05554

Okay, the very last epic meal that we had in New Delhi before departing to Hongkong.

I seriously cannot get over how delicious these dishes were.

I miss India mostly because of their food.


We finished everything! and please don’t mind my swollen bare face..


Okay, this was hard.

The very last mango lassi..


and few hours later, we landed in Hongkong international airport! Hello Hongkong!


Congee to start off the morning.

DSC05572 DSC05573

I love Hongkong’s airport food so much.


Hainan chicken for my man.

Due to ticket complications, we were about to stay in Hongkong for a day or two and leave to Taiwan.

However, since we came to Hongkong back in September and know for a fact that there isn’t much to do for us, we purchased earliest tickets to Taipei and hopped on to the flight right away.

Visiting India was so awesome! And I can’t wait to return to this beautiful country next time.

I’ll come back with more adventure stories in Taipei.



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