King’s buffet at Grand Ambassador Hotel in Seoul.

Qing Dynasty themed Chinese restaurant in Gangnam.

Very mediocre Chinese food considering the price.

Finally dined at Bong-Pi-Yang, a famous Korean BBQ restaurant which specializes in pork kalbi.

After finishing my legal internship and moving out from my place in Seoul, I decided to go back home to spend some quality time with my family.

My happy place.

It surprises me to see how well-maintained our garden is. My grandmother still refuses to hire a gardner and does everything herself.

My family always want to feed me until I’m dead from food coma whenever I’m home.

I had the most amazing pasta at my friend’s little world. I asked the chef to make it extra spicy for me because I was pretty hungover from the night before, and the pasta turned out to be one of the BEST pastas I’ve ever eaten.











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