I haven’t stayed in Seoul for this long in ages. Although I’ve been exhausted from working, it surely has been great to spend time with my friends and family.

Also, I have been drinking “a moderate amount of alcohol” nearly everyday. Trust me, working as a legal intern in Asia from 9am to whenever is extremely tiring and I definitely could get some help!

I’ve been eating a lot in Korea too, but I haven’t gained any weight which is very, very suspicious and strange.

I also had a pleasure of eating the best Korean BBQ EVER(totally subjective and biased opinion) this time. I honestly thought the quality of meat was better than Wagyu.

And this! Beef sashimi was too delicious.

Jin Sang used to be my favorite shabu shabu restaurant in Seoul but they definitely lost it. 

Sukiyaki and lettuce wrapped rice were okay.

Way too overpriced for the restaurant’s food, service, and quality.

I also have been reading lots of Korean books. I honestly thought I was fluent in Korean until I started legal translation from English to Korean..

I’ve been buying insane amounts of Korean skincare products and makeups and I’m not stopping!

I take subway and walk to my workplace every morning.

Rain season is finally over and I can finally enjoy my morning walk without having to carry my giant umbrella everywhere.

Seoul’s been treating me well so far.




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