Hello everyone!

I’m back from my 17 days trip to Korea and Japan and ALREADY experiencing pretty bad withdrawals…


When I’m having rough time, I just want to get out of LA and go back to the countries I was born and raised.

(Japan and Korea)

All I really want to do is staying at my beautiful house in Korea and eating delicious food my grandma cooks for me three times a day.


…And enjoying this beautiful view of my garden that never fails to soothe my broken soul! haha

This year’s spring was pretty rough for me.

I’m usually very good at composing my emotions, but it was little too unbearable for me to go through all by myself.

I was drinking wine almost every other day by myself and would cry until I pass out in my living room.

I would sometimes turn off my cellphone for a day or two just to get away from stupid and insensitive people.

I was depressed, unmotivated and unhealthy.

Most importantly, I was sick and tired of catering to others’ needs when my own isn’t even met and knowing that they never truly care for me just because they see what I have, the car I drive and the place I live made me so tired of dealing with a bunch of insensitive idiots!

And yes, I said it.

I’m not an iron lady.

I’m 24 years old female whom can’t simply multitask everyday.

And yes, I do get hurt.

Having many Birkin bags doesn’t mean anything.

So, if you have ever told me this year that I shouldn’t be complaining about my life since I have many material goods and felt if it was okay to hurt me intentionally or unintentionally, I was hurt every single time and I hope karma will eventually get you for HURTING ME!

Phew. Okay. I feel better now




As soon as I arrived in Korea, my uncle texted me before picking me up from the airport and asked me what I want to have for dinner.

Since 13 hours flight was killing me slowly, I told him that I would want some delivery Chinese food and hard liquors! woohoo!


Korea doesn’t mess around with delivery food.


I know for a fact this thing isn’t going to make me pretty or skinny,but who care?

It tastes heavenly and makes me happy.

That’s all that really matters… so stop telling me that I’ve gained weight!

I’m still at my 117lbs self, so look at yourself before taking it out on me!

I’m angry.



So good.

DSC06927 DSC06928

The first night’s epic dinner was a HUGE success and I couldn’t wait for more food in my motherland throughout my stay!


I love how my grandma always plants different things every year.

This year, she decided to plant lots of peppers, onions and berries in the garden.


And had freshly picked green peppers with breakfast!


Nothing beats grandmother’s food.

Do you agree?


This was everything. I miss her cooking already!


I love the tranquility my house offers.


Walking around the garden with my lovely grandmother.


Our beautiful gated community in Korea.

DSC06948 DSC06949

Walking around the garden and having small conversation with my grandmother really helped calming myself down before taking the BIG exam.


Beautiful, isn’t it?


This is what I really needed.

Just being at home and feeling comfortable.


Decided to go out for a little snack break after studying for few hours in the morning.


What is summer in Korea without some delicious shaved ice?


This year’s mango cheese bingsoo from korean dessert cafe (Sulbing) was a huge disappointment.


But the other two were delicious!


I also stopped by at Olive Young to grab some face masks.

I heard this Dr.Jart’s face mask is one of the most popular skincare masks in Korea right now.

I’ve tried few of them so far and I like them all!


We stopped by at this little chicken place to have some snack.


It was crazy delicious!

Why can’t Korean chicken restaurants in LA make a simple dish like this? Ugh


Also, I finally kept it up with my motherland’s hottest new alcohol.

Yuzu flavor soju and it was…absolutely delicious yet deadly.

Life is hard.



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