Tried crab eggs rice for the very first time and It was okay..

Monk fish stew.

Spicy raw crab.

My friend and I went to the “Tasting Room” nearby my office in Sam Sung.

This duck breast pasta was super fun to eat.

I really do appreciate Italian food in Seoul. I feel like Italian chefs in Seoul really know how to reinterpret Italian cuisine to satisfy Korean appetite.

This salted caramel ice cream was so delicious as well. I went into this restaurant with zero expectation since many Korean foodie instagramers have been hyping up about this place for the past two years, which made me assume that the Tasting Room would be another hyped up, instagram-pretty restaurant. But, the quality, service and taste were all VERY satisfying. I’m willing to go back for more 🙂

Le Chamber is hands down my favorite bar in Seoul! There aren’t much speakeasy bars in Seoul and this place is one of those rarest speakeasy bars with nice music, ambience and drinks!

Pork blood sausage. My appetite is so ghetto that I could literally eat everything besides cucumber and oyster.

I rarely eat late at night when I’m in LA but when I’m in Seoul, I always drink and eat after work.

I made them rice balls!

I must end my meal with lots of carbs.

It was scorching hot in Seoul especially in early July. I usually do not find cold food appetizing, but I was constantly looking for cold dishes in order to cool myself down.

Korean spa food! I can go to Korean spa everyday.

Seoul is now having more and more Michelin rated restaurants. This time, I tried Chae-Gun-Dam in Gangnam which serves Korean traditional course meals.

I personally loved this dining experience! They even have a vegetarian dinner option.

Sunday hotpot time with my family!

Spending quality time with family means everything to me.







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