It’s been a long time and I don’t even i know where to start.

During my absence from my blog, I had pleasure of visiting many more countries: China, Indonesia, Korea, Amsterdam, Estonia, Singapore, and Maldives.

It surely will take time for me to update my travel journey since I’m in law school, but I will try my best to find time to post on a regular basis!

But first, let me share my amazing birthday trip to my dream island, Maldives.

After staying in Europe for weeks for Electronic Family Festival, we left to Maldives from Amsterdam. There was no direct flight to Maldives from Amsterdam, so I had to fly to Doha to Cambodia and to Male,Maldives. It was tiring for sure, but I was excited to finally visit the island of my dream.

I stayed at Velassaru resort in Maldives, which was about 20 minutes away from the airport by private boat. The staffs were very welcoming, friendly, and made sure our needs were met during our stay at the resort.

Pictures simply don’t do any justice to show the beauty of this island. I cried when I first stepped into the resort since I felt so blessed to spend my birthday week in such a beautiful place..

We stayed at the water villa. And yes, I was able to jump right into the ocean from the balcony every morning and was greeted by lots of tropical fish. I swear to god, I saw a nemo playing with dori (evidenced by a video that I recorded with my gopro!)

The common area of the resort offered hookah and drinks. I felt so relaxed smoking shisha while chilling on a hammock… and, I really do miss the life I had this summer.

You know me and my fresh fruit juice! I must have three glasses at least for breakfast when I’m traveling.

The ONLY downside of this resort was ridiculously priced food. We were required to pay in US dollar and a plate of spaghetti costs U.S $40, a glass of fresh fruit juice costs U.S $20, and a nice dinner costs more than U.S $300 (without alcoholic drinks). Since going out of the resort to dine is not an option (unless you are willing to take a boat to the city), we were stuck with spending at least $1,000 per day just to have regular meals and drinks. And the quality of its food was just okay.. so, this is something to consider if you decide to stay at Velassaru resort.

The spa at this resort was nice too minus the cost. Of course, it is expected that everything offered at a resort like this will be over-priced, but since I’m used to resorts in South East Asia that offer great spa services at way more affordable price, it wasn’t a deal for me. Yet, their facials and massages were great!

Just look at this view from the balcony of our water villa.

I wanted to upload all the photos from Maldives within a single post, but I need to go finish my readings for tomorrow. I’ll come back with more photos with more stories to share.

Once again, sorry for being lazy and unmotivated for the past few months! and thank you for not forgetting about me and my blog!



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