I had so much fun playing with my go pro in Maldives. Mine isn’t the latest model, but I’ve been using it pretty well for underwater photography for the past three years.

I turned 25 in Hawaii and 26 in Maldives. Which Island should I go to celebrate my 27th birthday in six months?

Please do not notice my ridiculous looking hair and oily face! I literally woke up just to blow candle at midnight and went back to sleep right away.

I never wanted to leave this paradise.

I believe this small “meal” cost us more than US $150. The only downside of this resort.

The weather was AMAZING this day so I spent my morning and afternoon snorkeling and swimming.


My heart is full knowing the kindness of the staffs at Velassaru resort. Thank you again for welcoming here with such open arms and amazing, amazing hospitality!

Life is good, life is good.

Amazing view from the entry of our water villa.


I’ve been to many different countries and no country mesmerized me more than how Maldives did. No filter or photoshop are needed because every inch of this island is picture perfect.

There was a teppanyaki restaurant in the resort, so we decided to have my birthday dinner here. Actually, food here was terrible. This sushi was about $50 and smelled horribly fishy so I ended up losing my appetite after having a bite.

Once again, this resort would have been too perfect to be true only if they had nice restaurants at affordable price.

What is life but one grand adventure?

I can’t believe my dream came true on my 26th birthday to explore this beautiful island. Although I’m stuck at home studying 24/7 and not having any time to take care of myself like how I used to, I’m confident my current struggle will eventually be rewarding. Attending law school is by far one of the greatest challenges of my life since English is my 3rd language, but I’m committed to finish this semester with BANG and spend my summer all over the world.

So, it’s not a goodbye Maldives, its a see you soon.

I’ll be back to you this summer.



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