Before beginning my post, I hope everyone had a joyful Mother’s Day!

My mother, a.k.a Mama Katayama (I like it how it flows so nicely), always manages to go above and beyond to support me through everything from education to my modeling career.

She always, always! ensures that I have the best things and puts my needs before hers.

So, on special occasions like Mother’s Day, I’d also like to make sure that my mother feels loved and spoiled 🙂

For this year’s Mother’s Day, I’ve decided to get a gold infinity bracelet from Tiffany.


Tiffany box always makes my heart beat!


My mom loved the bracelet that I got for her.

Mama Katayama is beautiful. I hope I can age as well as her.


And for Mother’s Day dinner, I chose Hakkasan, Beverly Hills.

I was expecting this restaurant to be very crowded since it’s Mother’s Day,but,surprisingly, it was very empty!


They had a delicious Mother’s Day course dinner for $48 per person.

Each course dinner comes with an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert.

We also added Peking duck to our course, which also comes as a course dinner: duck skin with bun and marinated duck with basil?

Hakkasan is also famous for their good drinks.
The drink that our table first ordered is “plum sour”
I liked it a lot since I favor fruity cocktails with a little hint of sourness.
But, I feel like they could have been a little more generous with amount of alcohol they use for cocktails.
My friend’s choice for his appetizer- fried dimsum
His main dish, sea bass.
steamed dimsum was my choice of an appetizer
And my main dish, tofu and eggplant claypot. It was absolutely delicious and healthy.
Just some steamed baby bok choy was added on the side along with some egg fried rice.
Since our table added a peking duck course ($135) , we got duck skin with bun as a first course.
I like the presentation!
Our 2nd course for peking duck dinner came around. It was so tender and perfectly marinated.
When we hit dessert, we all had assorted macaroons!
Presentation is super chic and nice, but tastes whatever…
There are way too many amazing macaroon places all over in LA to compete with..
mothers day
We were asked to not use flash right after we took the second picture.
I think the table who was sitting literally 13ft away from our table complained for the use of flash.
All these tables around our’s were completely empty so I thought taking two flashed photos would not bother anyone.
I mean, It’s not like I was taking many flashed photos throughout the dinner.
Does flashed photography from 13ft away for literally 5 seconds bother you that much?
I would have been totally okay with it as long as it is not a consistent thing and if the table was far away from me..
Sometimes, I feel like people in LA complain and demand too much things.
Don’t get me wrong, it is out right as customer to express our concern or dissatisfaction, but at some point, people need to calm down and be more understanding.
Two flashed photography won’t ruin your dinner experience, and getting your drinks 5 minutes after you ordered isn’t going to kill you.
Anyways, our four course dinner, peking duck course, and a couple drinks cost us about $640 including gratuity.
Other than being asked to not use flashed photography, overall dinner experience was pleasant.
All the dishes were delicious and well-presented, and the server were friendly.
But, would I come back for dinner? Probably not.
I’m already too spoiled with authentic Chinese cuisine from 626.. So I’d rather spend $100 and get a good dinner instead of spending over $600 for good dinner and asked to stop taking flashed pictures when there’s no one to bother in the restaurant.

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