You should know my obsession with South East Asia by now.

I originally planned on staying in Singapore only for three days and go to Thailand. However, because it has been awhile since I visited Singapore, I decided to stay in this beautiful country for two weeks instead.


I seriously can eat Hawker food everyday. I literally went to Hawker spots every single day at least to have breakfast.

I don’t even know what they put in this noodle, but it tasted SO AMAZING I almost cried.

I seriously considered moving to Singapore permanently just for the Hawker food.

And this! Chen-du? I forgot how they call it, but this shaved ice was so cheap and yummy.

Marina bay sands is beautiful as usual.

I love Asia so much. I swear to god I’m eventually going to move back to Asia.

So in love with this beautiful scenery..

I was going to stay in Bangkok and Phuket for a week, but after staying in Singapore for few days, I changed my itinerary by deciding to stay in this beautiful and dynamic country for almost two weeks. Everyday in Singapore was pure bliss and I honestly feel like I was the happiest when I was here.

I fell for TWG again. I never think TWG’s drinks are worthy, but I always fall for the store’s pretty decorations.

It was my first time to try the infamous Singapore Sling! I fell in love with this drink.

I eat so much especially when I’m traveling and it’s almost disgusting.

Aquarium at Sentosa. I fell in love with this place. I thought it was the prettiest aquarium I’ve ever been to!

and yes! I was honored to watch Finding Dory before it was released in America!

I went to this Spanish restaurant somewhere in the city center and it was amazingly delicious. I don’t think I’ve had ANY bad food in Singapore while I was there. I can’t wait to go back and resume my food journey.

So this is apparently the most delicious Hainan Chicken Rice in the world.

It was good, but definitely not worth the hype.

I like my dry noodle extra spicy with them thai peppers! yum

Love the morning energy here.

 I seriously had at least 4 meals per day while I stayed in Singapore.

Yes, I’m disgusting but who cares? I’m alive and happy.




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