Rise and shine! Woke up to this beautiful morning view of Singapore.

I personally did not want to stay at Marina Bay Sands since its always packed with tourists from all over Asia with KIDS. However, during my stay this time, it was surprisingly quite and pleasurable.

Loving the hospitality of South East Asia! 

Fell for another tourist trap.

Everything I ordered here tasted horrible! They are surely fun to look at, but don’t ever expect good quality (or edible) food/drink here!


Found this amazing, amazing, amazing x 100 Japanese restaurant located inside of Marina Bay Sands. I think I went to this place twice and all of the dishes I ordered were purely delicious.

Time for afternoon walk.

Ce La Vi at Marina Bay Sands. I honestly feel like I’ve been to better rooftop lounges in Asia, especially in Thailand. However, although I was a little bit disappointed since this place has been extremely hyped up, I had nice drinks and a good company to enjoy the view.

DON’T go to Marina Bay Sand’s breakfast buffet. It’s horrible. So many ill-mannered people and the food quality here is absolutely horrible.

Breakfast buffet at Marina Bay Sands was such a disappointment so I decided to go to this local hawker center to get my fresh juices! And yes, I did order three juices for myself.

Found this nice hot pot restaurant located inside of Marina! I enjoyed it a lot. Their sauces were ALL very spicy and I LOVED it.

Lime juice to fight off Singapore’s unbelievably hot and humid weather.

I seriously do eat like a food fighter and I do not know when to stop.

This was probably snack number 3.7 for me.

Went to Sentosa to enjoy a nice day. It was raining the whole week and it was so nice to get some vitamin D!

I wish I could go back to this day. One of the best days of my life..


Hawker place again. I have an issue.

Crab spaghetti.. I need to stop eating.

Yes, I’m serious. I went to this net-cafe almost every other day while I was in Singapore just to play League of Legends.

I wish I could just eat, play league, and sleep.

Sea salt ice cream! It was blue and pretty 🙂

The church. Such a pretty place to hangout at night.

Late night snack at Tim Ho Wan! Seriously the best dim sum place in the world! (sorry, I may be biased)

I could literally eat here everyday and I almost ate here every day while I was in Singapore.

and.. late night claw machine time!

I won it!

“We are all mad here”

Another pitstop at Tim Ho Wan! I’m crazy.

The last stop of my epic journey in Singapore! Pokemon Cafe 🙂

Everything is definitely adorable here, but like I said earlier about the “super hero” cafe, none of these are really edible. But I still did have a good time!

Finally going back to America after spending amazing two weeks in Singapore. I seriously fell in love with this country and I cannot wait to come back to create more memories. I’m eternally thankful for this experience!















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