This year, I got to spend Christmas in Seoul and Tokyo!

I love short internal flights within Asia 🙂

DSC08735 DSC08736 DSC08737 DSC08738

Stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Seoul and had delicious breakfast buffet 🙂

DSC08739 DSC08740

We flew to Tokyo from Kimpo airport! So much closer than ICN!

And.. killing time at the airport by clearing two bowls of instant noodles.


Kimpo airport’s tiny tiny VIP lounge.


Arrived at Haneda airport around 11pm and checked in at the hotel at midnight.

Only in Japan you can get this kind of quality sushi nearly at 1am.


Of course, I won’t forget to stop by at 7 Eleven to grab my favorite peach drink 🙂


Rise and shine!

Time to go to my favorite udon restaurant in Roppongi!

DSC08747 DSC08748 DSC08749

This restaurant never ever disappoints me! Hands down the best udon restaurant in the world!


Time for some serious needing-out session at Akihabara.


We even had to buy another suitcase to fit in all the new goodies from Akihabara.

A bag full of Japanese electronics and toys.. #shameless



DSC08756 DSC08757 DSC08758 DSC08759

DSC08760 DSC08761

My favorite snack during the wintertime in Japan 🙂 Taiyaki!


DSC08767 DSC08768 DSC08769 DSC08770

Never ending claw machine fun in Tokyo! Love, love, love my city.


Went to a Gucci store in Omotesando for my Christmas gift! Got a beautiful coat! xoxo

DSC08777 DSC08774

Good night Tokyo,



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