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After shopping in Omotesando for hours, we decided to have a late night meal.


I scored these two beautiful monchhichi dolls in Tokyo on this day 🙂

I’m still a child at heart.

DSC08790 DSC08791

Oh.. how I miss my city.


Stopped by at Bagus for quick drinks and darts!

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I wish I had two stomaches to eat all the food in Tokyo.


More snacks to keep my tummy happy.


Another gloomy day in my city…. but, this is my happy place.


I got to watch the new Star Wars movie in Taipei! And I finally understood the hype about this movie.


Oh hello!

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How are you ever going to be bored in Tokyo when you have crazy arcades everywhere around the city?


Sigh.. I miss Tokyo so much.

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Stopped by at this small cafe somewhere in Shibuya and I had the most amazing banana latte and brownie.


DSC08820 DSC08821 DSC08822

My kind of heaven.

Medicom toy store in Tokyo!

DSC08823 DSC08824

I was very tempted to get every single one of them, but I managed to calm down and make rationale(?) shopping decision.

DSC08825 DSC08826

There were many non-Japanese speaking customers and the workers here were very attentive with ability to speak English.

So, if you are ever in Tokyo! Make sure to check out this cool Medicom Toy store! You won’t regret it 🙂


I ended up spending over USD $300 here and I don’t regret any of it!


I wanted to get all of these as well…

DSC08832 DSC08833 DSC08835

Bye Bye Medicom toy store!

DSC08779 DSC08780 DSC08782

More food before heading back to Los Angeles.

Exactly after two weeks back in LA from Asia, I flew back to Korea again.

I’ll share my adventures in Korea in my next post.



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