It was actually my first time visiting Ikebukuro and this area was pretty much the same as Akihabara.

A lot of arcades, nerdy shops, maid cafes, and more..


The second worst food I’ve ever had in Tokyo. How the F do you mess up a simple bowl of udon? SHAMEFUL.

DSC09039 DSC09040

The one and only reason why I decided to go to Ikebukuro.

I might be 25, but my mental age is probably around 13-14.


A quick snack! This is why I can never stay skinny in Asia.


Pikachu cup noodles! I tried both of them and they are delicious!

DSC09075 DSC09076

Dinner at Seryna, Roppongi Hills.

I was unfortunately sick and jet-legged so wasn’t feeling seafood this night.

DSC09078 DSC09079

I had soba almost everyday.

DSC09086 DSC09087 DSC09088 DSC09093 DSC09095 DSC09096

I’m blaming my shitty photography skill for not being able to capture the beauty of sakura.



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